Aftershocks is a company that offers two main types of services to its clients. We design and manufacture custom shock absorbers/suspension systems for both individuals and businesses. You come into our office, sit down with our design team, explain what it is that you are doing and together we will come up with the most effective shock absorbers and suspension system that is going to help protect the rest of your vehicle or equipment from harm in extreme conditions. We worked on custom off-road vehicles, industrial machinery that requires heavy duty shock absorbers, and none of our clients has ever complained.

Shock absorbers/suspension design – as I’ve already mentioned the main business activity of Aftershocks Suspension is the design and production of custom shock absorbers. Process for us making you a custom order of shock absorbers is pretty straightforward. Contact us either via email, phone or by visiting us directly in our Sacramento headquarters and we will do an initial analysis of your request. Initial meet and quote are free, so you don’t have anything to lose by visiting and asking around.


Garage shop repairs/replacements – over the years we’ve expanded our business and now we also offer vehicle checkups, repairs and parts replacements in our garage shop. Our mechanics are one of the best in the California area and we’ve tackled shock absorber and suspension repairs on even most difficult of car and truck models. Since 2015 thousands of customers, both individuals and business have used our services. Come visit our garage if you are noticing problems with your shock absorbers and we will help you stay safe on the road.

What else is there to say about us, only that if you are a regular Joe, you should visit our garage as soon as you start noticing something weird going on with your shock absorbers and vehicle suspension. For your safety and safety of others in traffic, it isn’t worth risking driving around with bad shock absorbers. Make sure to visit our blog to where we will discuss in detail the importance of shock absorbers and how to detect if they are in bad shape. We you don’t end up needing our services, but if you do, we are here for you.