About us

What else is there to say about our little outfit that we haven’t already mentioned. Let’s start by saying that we have first opened our doors back in 2013, so it’s been 5 years now that Aftershocks Suspension has been up and running. My gosh, how time flies. Company first started out as a business that offered custom shock absorbers and suspension systems for use in off-road vehicles, heavy duty machinery, and in industrial environments. Core team of our company consists of our owner and head of operations Marshall Johnson, lead designer Don Jones and Pete Lemmon, our head mechanic.

Pete works in our garage shop. We opened up the garage shop because we started getting a lot of requests from people who wanted to know if we could take a look at their car, to see what kind of state their shock absorbers and the suspension system overall was. Garage shop officially opened its doors about 3 years ago, back in 2015. Since then we hired additional mechanics to help deal with the inflow of new customers. New people keep finding us every day, and we are very happy to see that our customers have started noticing the quality of services that we are offering.

Our plans for the future is to grow Aftershocks Suspension even further, expand our business, and help out even more people design proper shock absorbers and suspension systems for their projects. We are also here to help our customers taker care of their cars. We hate seeing people who need our help, but parts do wear out and we hope that you visit us before you end up in an accident or worse because of shoddy shock absorbers. Aftershocks are here to help, visit us with confidence.