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About our technology and approach

Hello there and welcome to Aftershocks. We are a small team of shock absorber and suspension experts who specialize in offering people custom order shock absorbers and suspensions for their vehicles. Aftershocks offers custom suspensions and shock absorber setups for the most extreme cases, off road vehicles, heavy duty machinery and other industrial applications. Our design team takes a lot of care into making shock absorption systems, and we use rigorous testing using motion sensors, high frame rate cameras and we even high quality drones to capture aerial footage to observe things like vehicle sway and stabilization when driving in corners. Even though most of the work that we do revolves around making custom suspension and shock absorbers for our clients, we do have a garage that focuses on suspension system repair for everyday road vehicles.

Drivers should do regular shock absorber checkups, and checkups of their entire suspension system for that matter. Without properly working shock absorbers, you expose your suspension system to a lot of additional wear and tear in the form of shocks that aren’t properly distributed throughout the car body. This then leads to additional wear and tear on ball joints, which in turn leads to additional wear and tear on the wheel hubs, and so on. Us talking about using video drones in our testing might make you scared of calling us for advice, but the boys in the garage will help you out no matter how small your problems might be. Don’t hesitate to call us, we offer very affordable rates, because if you don’t properly inspect your shock absorbers, you expose your vehicle and safety to a lot of other adversing factors like:

Reduced vehicle control

Shock absorbers that are worn out a lot can turn your car into a safety hazard for yourself and also for other participants in traffic. You will have decreased vehicle control and also problems with braking. Shoddy shock absorbers give you false feedback when steering and stopping, so you could end up in an accident, or worse. Make sure that you do regular checkups as soon as you start noticing something weird. Read down below on the signs of failing shock absorbers.

Tire wear & tear

another victim of collateral damage should you keep driving your vehicle with bad shock absorbers and suspension system are the tires. Without proper shock absorption, tires will end up soaking in higher than normal levels of wear and tear that could end up decreasing their lifespan. Changing tires is one of those things that don’t seem that expensive until you actually have to do it. That’s why it’s a good idea to work on prevention, in order to prevent having to replace tires before the end of their usual lifespan.

Oscillating headlights

in situations where the shock absorbers have been shot to hell, as the experts would say, we’ve noticed that vehicles would actually start exhibiting the so called “bouncy headlights” problem. This type of problem isn’t a problem for the driver of the vehicle per se, but it is a problem for other participants in traffic. When the affected vehicle rides on a bumpy road with bad shock absorbers in the night, vehicle headlights will jiggle around erratically and they could end up blinding drivers in oncoming traffic causing an accident.

Passenger discomfort

If all the talk about proper vehicle safety and performance isn’t enough to get you to check the status of the shock absorbers on your vehicles, which it should be, we can’t stress that enough, maybe the comfort of your riding experience will do the trick. Driving of shoddy shock absorbers will make riding in the vehicle less than a pleasant ordeal for both you the driver, and also your passengers. Safety concerns should be enough to get you off your butt and do what needs to be done, but if that isn’t enough, maybe losing the benefits of a comfy ride will do the trick instead.

Aftershocks Suspensions is going international, visit us at the Conference on Mechanical Engineering in Vienna

Yes people, you’ve read that right. Aftershocks Suspensions is going international. Very soon there’s going to be an international trade show, a conference really, on mechanical engineering in Vienna, and Aftershocks Suspensions is planning on being there. The conference in question is going to take place in June, and we are very much so looking forward to visiting the fine folks there, making new friends, learning new things and having fun in the process. It’s not always a bad thing to mix business and pleasure, and going to this conference will definitely be a healthy mix of business and pleasure. For example, we’re also planning on visiting the Blue Lagoon in Croatia. We’ve heard great things about it from people close to us that have already visited, so since we’re in Austria already for the conference, it makes sense to visit there as well. It’s located on the Bisevo island, which is a small island close to Vis island. They are like 10 minutes boat ride one from another. Getting there isn’t really an easy task. There is no direct ferry line from Split to the Blue cave, which means you have to go with a speedboat. The best option is going with a scheduled boat tour which is offered by several local companies.

Should you find yourself in or near Vienna sometime between June 1st and June 3rd, we definitely recommend that you visit the conference there. There’s going to be a lot of people from the industry talking about what they know, and learning new things is always good, well almost always, heh. Everyone here at Aftershocks Suspensions is going to the conference. We’re a small team and it’s only going to be a week of us missing work, so it won’t be that big of a deal. We hope to see you there.

How to detect malfunctioning shock absorbers and suspension

For someone who isn’t a grease monkey, or that handy when it comes to cars, it might be a little bit difficult to detect that something is wrong with the shock absorption system of the vehicle. Don’t worry, you don’t have to own a drone in order to perform shock absorber inspection. There are however some tell-tale signs that your shock absorbers might need fixing that even inexperienced car owners should detect. For example, if you start noticing that your steering wheel is vibrating more than usual, it could be because of the shock absorbers (or it could be the tires, or something else). Squeaky sounds coming from your suspension are another unmistakable sign that something has gone awry somewhere. If the car starts to become bouncy when you come to a full stop, that could be another sign of a problem with shock absorbers. It’s difficult to say if there’s a problem with shock absorbers without proper inspection, that’s why we urge you to visit us, or your local mechanic, depending on where you live, in order for a proper expert to do an inspection and give a verdict.

Our experts

Marshall is the head of operations here at Aftershocks Suspension and he’s the one you need to talk if you want to make a custom suspension or shock absorbers for your vehicle, or for whatever application you might need them. Get in touch with him directly by filling out the form on the contact page.

Marshall Johnson

Don is the lead suspension system designer who spends most of his day in front of the screen, toiling away in programs like AutoCAD in order to bring our customers the best possible designs for their needs. Pretty much all the designs that we’ve carried out until now have been either made by Don, or someone from his team.

Don Jones

Peter is our resident grease monkey. He’s the head mechanic in the garage and he’s the one that you’re going to be talking to if you decide to visit our shop in order to do an inspection of your shock absorbers. Perter leads a team of experienced mechanics who will make your vehicle safe and a top notch performer on the road.

Peter Lemmon

“If the cars a rockin, there might be problems with its shock absorbers and suspension system. Go see an expert for advice.” — Marshall Johnson

Our clients

Over the 5 years that we have been operational we’ve had hundreds of clients who have used our services and even more people who visited our garage for regular shock absorber inspections and replacements. Our prices are very affordable, and we guarantee to you that if something is wrong with your car, we will fix it and you will notice an improvement once you take it out of our shop and hit the road.

About us

Aftershocks Suspension is a small company and auto repair shop from Sacramento, California who specializes in shock absorber/suspension design, manufacturing and repair. We’ve been in the business for about 5 years now and had numerous clients who ordered custom shock absorbers, suspension systems or came into our shop for repair and replacement parts. Visit up in Pinewood Lane, Sacramento if you have problems with your cars shock absorbers or suspension.

Our mission

our mission is pretty simple, provide people with custom suspensions and shock absorber systems custom made to their needs. Our company might be young, but our team has had years of experience in car design, car maintenance and car repair. We are confident that we can help you achieve whatever needs you might have and that you won’t regret choosing us for your next project. Get in touch, visit our shop, call us, write us an email and find out why we think we’re the best.

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