What is the average cost of replacing shock absorbers?

We get asked this question a lot here at shop, so I thought that it would be a good idea to make an article answering the question once and for all. So how much do you in fact need to spend in order to replace a faulty shock absorber, here at our garage. Answer to that question might not fully satisfy you, but it should give you some clear idea on what the cost for shock absorber repair is.

What is the average cost of replacing shock absorbers?

How much money you’re going to spend here at our shop depends mainly on what kind of car or a bike you drive. On average the cost of shock absorbers themselves, in other words the parts for the repair, ranges from $50-$500, per wheel, including the struts. Part cost varies so much because it depends on the make and model of the vehicle and of course the quality of the parts themselves.

Not all cars are created equal, and some cars have more expensive shock absorbers, some have them cheaper. Other cars might have a short supply of parts which drives up the price. You can always spend more in order to purchase a shock absorber from a more reputable manufacturer, which is highly recommended by us. To replace all 4 shock absorbers here at Aftershocks Suspensions will set you back somewhere between $500 and $600 for your typical North American car, including labor.

For more expensive cars, whose parts cost more, the price goes up of course. Not to mention that these kind of cars also have a more complicated process of actually getting the shock absorbers out meaning that the labor cost also goes up. But you probably knew that even before going in and purchasing an expensive car. I can’t really go into any kind of accurate estimates on how much a repair would cost on a car like that, but it will most likely be close to $1000 for parts and labor, and it can be even more, depending on the car.

However, you should really contact us here at Aftershocks Suspensions and we’ll do our best to get a good deal for you. Don’t worry, we don’t bite, and we’ll try and make the cost of the repair as low as possible. So get in touch, and see what we can do for you.