Dangers of worn out shock absorbers – braking and skidding

There are many dangers associated with using worn out shock absorbers. Today we’re going to cover two major ones that I think warrant a closer look, impeded braking performance and increased danger of skidding on the road. Like I said, these are just two of several dangers that will cause problems to drivers should they continue to drive their vehicles with worn out shock absorbers.

Dangers of worn out shock absorbers – braking and skidding

Worn out shock absorbers can be problematic for braking and here’s a video test of a car braking with worn out shock absorbers and then afterwards new shock absorbers as proof. Scroll a little bit further down below.

Car braking with 4 worn shock absorbers:

Car braking with 4 new shock absorbers:

Notice the difference in braking distance between the worn shock absorbers and new shock absorbers. You might think to yourself, well it’s only a couple of feet, but a couple of feet when braking in traffic could mean the difference in saving a life by not hitting a car or a pedestrian in front of you.

Skidding is another car issue that will start happening once that your shock absorbers become worn out. Due to the fact that your shock absorbers now no longer play their part in stabilizing the wheelbase, you are more likely to skid off the road and end up in a ditch somewhere, injuring yourself or someone else in traffic. That’s why it’s important that you always have properly functioning shock absorbers. Visit our shop if you are suspecting your shock absorbers might not be OK and our mechanics will help you out. That’s why we’re here after all.